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Scored low on GMAT exam, despite scoring high on the mock tests

This is a scenario that is a nightmare for test-takers. Unfortunately, it's all too common. Various GMAT forums such as GMATClub are replete with posts of dejected test-takers, wondering what happened on the day of th exam, as they scored 100+ marks lower on the actual GMAT, than they were scoring on the mock tests.

In this blog, we discuss the most common reasons for this discrepancy between mock test scores and actual GMAT score. This will enable test-takers to have an outcome on the actual exam that closely resembles their outcome on the mock tests as part of preparation.

What is the best time to take GMAT?

Most MBA aspirants wonder what is the most appropriate time to take GMAT, in view of their aspiration to utilize their GMAT score towards fulfilling their MBA aspirations. This blog hopes to answer this question.

Re-taking the GMAT!

Congratulations on your decision to retake GMAT. The good news is that you are now one-attempt wiser and realize the seriousness of the GMAT. History is with you; statistics indicate that among the re-takers of GMAT, the overall average gain has been 33 points on a second testing. A word of caution too: nearly 25 percent of retakers of GMAT actually GMAT lower the second time than the first. If you are considering retaking GMAT, you clearly would not want to be a statistic in this category of students.

How to prepare for GMAT through Online Classes

Online classes are now no longer a novelty; however, online classes have witnessed a sudden spurt in interest recently, courtesy the current virus situation all across the world. In this article, we explore the two most prominent models of online learning available to students, and examine the advantages of each model. We conclude the article with our recommendation on the most productive model in online learning.

What is a good GMAT score

Well, let's spill the beans straight away: A score of 700+ (out of a maximum of 800) is considered a good GMAT score. Clearly this is not a news to most of you who are currently in the process of GMAT prepration and we realize that we are only stating the obvious. Statistically, the score of 700 represents the 88th percentile (Source: This means that only 12% of the test-takers worldwide, score 700 or above, on GMAT.

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