How to prepare for GMAT through Online Classes

Online classes are now no longer a novelty; however, online classes have witnessed a sudden spurt in interest recently, courtesy the current virus situation all across the world. In this article, we explore the two most prominent models of online learning available to students, and examine the advantages of each model. We conclude the article with our recommendation on the most productive model in online learning.

Online classes offer some pretty obvious advantages such as:

i) Location independence: Gone are the days when the student had to be co-located with the faculty, for classes. Now any student can 'log-on' from anywhere in the world, and avail of best instruction through online classes

ii) Savings in commute time: Commuting is clearly a hassle now a days, especially in large metros. One could save on the time for commute, and utilize that time in the best possible way - towards GMAT preparation

The intent of this article is to reflect upon the two most prominent models for GMAT online classes:

i) Live online classes
ii) Online on-demand classes

Live Online Classes

Online Live

In this mode of classes, the instructor conducts the class live (in real-time). The instructor uses an online platform (such as zoom or skype) to conduct these classes. In a given class, the instructor typically runs a presentation on a specific topic, engaging with the students in real-time. Students who are used to attending physical (offline) classes would be immediately comfortable with Live online classes. In fact, students can also see the instructor delivering the class.

We recommend live online classes, for multiple reasons.

i) Discipline: Since these live online classes are conducted at fixed dates & times, this obligation to be present at specified dates/times for the classes, imposes the much needed discipline required to cover the entire syllabus of GMAT.

ii) Doubt-clearing: The interaction is synchornous, in real time. Hence, students are able to clarify their doubts 'then and there' with the faculty.

iii) Collaboration: Live online classes offer a virtual classroom setting. Hence, participants in the class often form virtual groups (such as on WhatsApp) to continually interact with each other outside the class as well. This creates a cohesive study-group that aids in collaborative learning.

Online on-demand classes

Online On Demand Classes

In this mode of classes, students are given access to pre-recorded videos of the classes. These are on-demand classes and the students can watch the videos at a pace and time of their choosing!

Some advantages that online on-demand classes offer are:

i) Time Independence: Students who work on weekends or who have unpredicable work-hours find the online on-demand classes to be a blessing. Since the class timings are not cast in stone, they can watch the videos whenever their time/schedule permits them to watch them.

ii) Ability to watch the videos multiple times: Some concept not clear? Rewind the video. An entire chapter not clear? Re-watch the video. These conveniences (rewind and/or rewatch) are obviuosly not the luxuries one can afford, when attending a live class.


Considering the various pros, we suggest that students should actively consider availing of Live GMAT online classes, unless their demanding work-schedules just do not permit them to attend classes at stipulated time schedules.

However, if you do opt for Online on-demand classes, be aware that they do require significant self-discipline, responsibility, and motivation on part of students, to regularly watch the videos, despite their erratic and often demanding work-schedules.