GMAT Preparation: Time required for GMAT prepraration

In our last blog, we discussed the various things you should keep in mind, while preparing for GMAT.

In this blog, we discuss another crucial component of your GMAT preparation: the total time you should budget, for your GMAT preparation. Since most students who prepare for GMAT are fulltime working professionals, optimum utilization of time outside of your worklife, becomes extremely crucial.

Assuming that you have been at least an average student in your academic life, you should be budgeting around 3 months (to 4 months) for your preparation, provided that you're putting in 2-3 hours per day towards your preparation.

This is a representative timeline and might be affected by many other factors:

This suggested timeline will go up if:

  1. You have been out of touch with academics for quite some time
  2. You have been a below-average student in your academic life
  3. You are not able to regularly dedicate at least 2 hours per day, towards preparation

This suggested timeline will come down if:

  1. If you have been preparing for other competitive examinations (such as CAT or GRE)
  2. If you have natural instinct (flair) towards English and Mathematics
  3. If you have been extremely good in academics in the past

Also, you will realize that the entire preparation time would be dedicated towards the following main tasks:

  1. Building concepts (through text books etc.)
  2. Practicing of questions to reinforce those concepts and witnessing those concepts in action
  3. Giving mock tests and assessing your level of preparation

Typically, most of your preparation time should go in the first two tasks (building concepts and practicing questions).