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GMAT Preparation: Grammar rules for Sentence Correction

Students preparing for Sentence Correction on GMAT, often wonder how much English Grammar do they need to know as part of their GMAT preparation, to do well in Sentence Correction.

After all, the time that you have at hand, is limited and GMAT preparation is not just about Sentence Correction. So, you would want to only devote only as much time towards Sentence Correction, as is absolutely required. 

Let's first start with the basic question: where does English grammar come into the picture in sentence correction?

GMAT Preparation: Time required for GMAT prepraration

In our last blog, we discussed the various things you should keep in mind, while preparing for GMAT.

In this blog, we discuss another crucial component of your GMAT preparation: the total time you should budget, for your GMAT preparation. Since most students who prepare for GMAT are fulltime working professionals, optimum utilization of time outside of your worklife, becomes extremely crucial.

GMAT Preparation - Things You Should Keep in Mind

In our last blog, we discussed the GMAT Preparation plan.

In this blog, we discuss the key dos and don'ts that every aspirant should keep in mind, during GMAT preparation.

GMAT Preparation Plan

In this blog, we discuss the various aspects of GMAT preparation, including the overall time for preparation, the best practices for appearing in GMAT mock exams, the sources of GMAT Preparation and a lot of other things.

Remember that while strategy is important, strategy alone cannot enable you to get a 700+ on GMAT. Determination, diligence, discipline, and dedication are also required in equal measure.

You need to ensure that your efforts are channelized in the most optimum way, so that your efforts yield the intended result.

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