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Topic-icon "Hot flashes" a threat to the health of women "golden age" to know

Ladies At a certain age สล็อต ฝาก ถอน true wallet called “menopause,” especially during and after menopause, there may be sudden hot flashes that do not happen immediately. Which the symptoms of hot flashes that this Although not serious to the point of serious life threatening. But it is considered a problem that distracts many people because it can cause distraction during the day. Hello Doctor, I would like to bring you all women to come to know the symptoms of hot flashes better.

What are hot flashes?
Hot flashes are symptoms in which the body feels warm to the sudden heat of the face, neck, chest, and the skin is reddened, similar to a red face. Hot flashes also cause the body to sweat more. And when the body has already lost a lot of heat Will begin to feel that the torso starts to cool It is most commonly seen in women, especially those in menopause. During menopause or after menopause

Causes of hot flashes
It is not clear whether Hot flashes What happened It is possible that it could be due to different reasons as follows.

Hormonal changes in the body

Current health problems or disease conditions such as diabetes, obesity.

Problems with the metabolism system

Vascular changes, including acute dilation or contraction of blood vessels. Because it affects the increase or decrease of the circulatory process

Spicy food


Cigarette smoke

Hot weather

How common are hot flashes?
Hot flashes There may be the following symptoms.

Feeling of an acute warm or hot body from your face, neck, and chest

The skin is red and blotchy

Fast heartbeat

Sweat a lot

Feeling colder after the body has hot flashes
Hot flashes It occurs in about 2-4 minutes, but can happen at any time. And symptoms may worsen in hot weather, stress or anxiety. This can be distracting. Interfere with work And may disturb sleep if it occurs during the night.

How to relieve and prevent hot flashes
Usually hot flashes last for a few minutes and then go away on their own. And there is no single treatment that can guarantee a cure from the symptoms. But if you know that Hot flashes The cause It is able to deal with the root cause to prevent hot flashes.

Change your lifestyle
Make some lifestyle changes that will make you feel more comfortable and less likely to worsen if hot flashes occur.

Drink water
Drinking water, especially cold water, will help keep the body cool if this occurs. Hot flashes Try to drink more water. To keep the body temperature cool

Maintain room temperature
Place of residence Temperature should be taken to keep cool, if hot flashes occur, the symptoms will not get worse because they are not in a hot place.

Be careful with the heat
Hot weather is another common cause of hot flashes. And the symptoms of hot flashes will make the symptoms worse, too So try to stay in a cool, ventilated place.

Avoid spicy food
The more you are in a golden age, the more you pay attention to food. Especially spicy food Because it will make you feel more spicy Redness Easily red skin

Hormone therapy
Hormones are another cause of Hot flashes Maintaining and maintaining a balanced hormonal level in the body. It will reduce the chance of having hot flashes.

Treat according to the condition
Hot flashes Existing symptoms may be caused by an individual's current health symptoms. There should be treatment for the existing disease conditions first. It may be another way to reduce the risk of hot flashes.

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