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Topic-icon Foods that should be avoided when you have a "period"

What time รีวิวเกมสล็อต menstruation Why do you feel that you want to eat all the time? Can say that menstruation has come a long time, eating is crushed every time But everyone knows that some foods are not suitable to eat during our menstruation. It may stimulate you to feel more tired. Including resulting in more menstrual cramps as well.

Foods that should be avoided when you have a "period"
Spicy and fermented foods
Are there any girls who like to eat this type of food during menstruation? The more spicy and spicy, the more I like it, but do you know that during menstruation The digestive system will have symptoms begin to swirl. Caused by the hormone Prostaglandin. (Prostaglandin) that causes the muscles of the intestines to contract. It causes abdominal pain or abdominal pain during menstruation itself. It is believed that many people are confused about whether this is me having menstrual cramps or abdominal pain I want to have a shot Therefore, eating this type of food during menstruation can cause diarrhea ever.

Processed food
Someone likes to eat processed food.Processed food is a type of food that has changed, whether it's frozen, canned, baked, fried and sun dried.Processed foods that many people like to eat are inevitable. Hot dogs, sausages, bacon, smoked meats, cheeses, etc. Do everyone know that processed foods are higher in sodium than everyone thought? Which eating foods high in sodium causes the body to absorb more water and cause edema. Including there may be pain and stiffness around the breast. Bloating and abdominal pain more than the same period Therefore, you should avoid eating this type of food during menstruation. And turn to focus on eating freshly cooked food is better

Lean meat dishes
Of course, this type of food already tastes delicious. It would be normal that many people would like to eat each other. But during your menstruation period Try to avoid eating these foods. Because it is difficult to digest And most importantly, most animal fats are almost saturated fat. This saturated fat is the cause of pain and inflammation. Even if you eat it during your menstrual period, it may lead to even more abdominal pain. Therefore, focus on eating foods that are easy to digest and that are high in fiber. Whether eating grains, vegetables, eggs, milk, meat, fish, etc.

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