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Topic-icon Online meetings can be tiring. how to fix

Even though we are still working from home during this period, meetings are still important to have. even if you don't go to the office because of the meeting that we are familiar with It's about meeting together to discuss various issues, share ideas, opinions, suggestions, and make decisions together. Working from home keeps employees from seeing each other. But modern technology allows us to still have meetings, even if it's at someone's house. In fact, they can meet even if they are in different corners of the world.

But sitting in a meeting สล็อต through a screen at home is not that it will not be tired or exhausted. One study found that online video conferencing can also be exhausting. especially It was the feeling that the participants didn't feel like they were part of the team that made them even more exhausting.

Research results Videoconference Fatigue? Exploring Changes in Fatigue After Videoconference Meetings During COVID-19, published in the journal Applied Psychology, states that symptoms or feelings "Tired from zooming" (an application developed for online meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic) is a real symptom.

Andrew A. Bennett, an assistant professor at Old Dominion University (and a team of Emily D. Campion, Kathleen R. Keeler, and Sheila K. Keener) analyzed the piece. Because he himself felt exhausted when he had to do online video meetings. His research team took part in an online video conference in March 2020, when everyone started working from home (students were studying online). They felt really tired, and most importantly, really tired!

For this reason, the research team decided to take the study seriously. To understand why online video meetings can cause symptoms or fatigue. And what can we do to feel less tired after the meeting? or prevent this symptom

The study involved 55 employees from various occupations. Participants were surveyed 9 hours daily for 5 consecutive (working) days in 2020. Of the 1,746 survey participants, only Only about 7 percent participated in the study. There were no reported signs of fatigue from video conferencing.

The study found that the feeling of fatigue after these online meetings was actually a symptom they didn't feel at all. And if we get tired when meeting online, it's not uncommon. We don't feel alone and did not think by himself The results of the study contained enough scientific data to explain the phenomenon, with 92 percent of the participants. Feeling exhausted after a real video conference, this is a psychological phenomenon, Bennett says.

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