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Because online threats are still สล็อต168 increasing. Even if users protect various online accounts. by not reusing the password Always keep the software updated. And are wary of various online scams, but Google has found that in the past few years. The dangers in the online world have new ways. The complexity is causing more and more damage to online users.

And this is what Google recommends its users to do to improve their online security. To prevent potential damage from online threats

Enabling Improved Google Safe Browsing Feature in Chrome Users of the enhanced Google Safe Browsing feature are 35% less at risk of falling victim to phishing scams than those who don't use the feature, Google recently announced. Additional protection for users of enhanced Google Safe Browsing features, such as notifications about untrusted Chrome extension installations. and a more thorough scan to protect user accounts from malware.

Signing up for Two-Step Verification (2SV) is another way to secure your account by verifying that you're a real login. Mobile sign-in gives you a more secure authentication experience than passwords alone.

Enroll in Google's Advanced Protection Program (APP). The Advanced Protection Program helps users with sensitive, high-visibility data who are at risk of being targeted online. New protection features will be added. automatically to protect against a wide range of current threats

Sign in to Google Security Check to review and adjust your security settings. Plus, get tips to help you secure and strengthen your account. It takes only two minutes to complete.

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