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Topic-icon How to get rid of "wattle" fat on the face Double chin that makes you look fat

that you feel around that own slotxo face began to look plump up This results in a loss of confidence, not afraid to reveal it to anyone to look at. Hello Doctor's article has provided a way to get rid of fat before you get fat on your face for everyone to try to follow at the same time.

cause Obesity from excess fat

Certainly what makes you fat on your face. Most may come from the body's intake of trans fats in the food we eat, whether Fried foods, sweets, fast food, etc., are the worst fats for health. more than that If your body does not burn these fats well enough. It may result in harm within the bloodstream. leading to a link to the risk of heart disease type 2 diabetes, cerebrovascular disease insulin resistance and other chronic diseases up too

The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends that trans fat-containing foods may still be eaten but should not exceed 5-6% of your total caloric intake. To reduce the risk of adverse health effects

how to get rid of facial fat

when the fat on the face was accumulated in large numbers You may also use regular facial exercises together. in the following way

Bring both hands together on the cheek area.
Use moderate pressure to rub the fat area on the cheeks upwards. with a mouthful or keep smiling
Then hold it for a moment, then slowly relax.
But in addition to the above methods Other cardio exercises It can help as well. Whether it is running, aerobics, cycling, etc., at least 20-40 minutes a day because it will give your body a good metabolism. Increase the removal of body fat and on the face more

Tips to prevent facial fat

if you don't want to facial fat There is a buildup on the face again. You may also need to adjust some of these daily habits.

drink enough water per day
Studies show that water It may help you feel full. And has helped to increase the metabolism to be more efficient, leading to the breakdown of fat. resulting in weight loss

limiting alcohol consumption
due to excessive alcohol consumption May result in dehydration of the body. But in some cases it can result in increased water retention. until you may notice a change in your body And the face clearly has swelling up.

get enough sleep
Sleep deprivation or not getting enough sleep 8 hours a night This may result in levels of certain hormones linked to the stimulation of hunger. until you feel like eating Most people tend to have a craving for food during the night. This is a period that can result in a significant increase in your weight.

Choose nutritious food
Foods high in carbohydrates, sugar, salt, such as starchy foods. and processed food May increase the risk of fat deposits. Therefore, you should be eating more fiber foods such as vegetables, fruits, grains, etc., or may be eaten together. But need to adjust the amount of carbohydrates to reduce

If you have concerns or any additional questions to reduce facial fat You may need to consult with a medical professional about the proper way to get rid of fat because the amount of fat accumulated by each person is different. There may be different levels, resulting in different treatment techniques.

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