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Topic-icon stop believing Do not act when being "bitten by a snake"

Bitten by a snake, must be ทางเข้าslotxo tied with a rope have to make a bowl suck the poison out of the mouth If you still have this idea in your head or have been taught this way. Stop thinking like this everyone. Because if you think and do that, it will be very dangerous to the bitten person and yourself. But what is the right way to do it? Today, the INN team has found the answer. Prepare yourself. Understand correctly. increase the chance of survival Let's go read.

False belief in first aid for a snakebite

Adjust the basics a bit. Snakes are divided into two types, venomous and non-venomous. But for the general public like us No matter what kind of snake bites It should be treated the same for safety as possible.

The belief we have heard is that a rope is to be tied over a wound that has been bitten by a snake or a crowbar. After that, the poison was sucked out to prevent the poison from flowing into the heart. which is a mistaken belief because the strapping will not help anything If it is too tight, it can cause rotten flesh.

The suction of the venom is dangerous to the person who sucks it may be poisoned. As for the sucked person, the infection may increase.

Being bitten by a snake, what should I do?

Information from Chulalongkorn Hospital The Thai Red Cross Society recommends that

When being bitten by a snake, stay calm.
Note the appearance of the snake. Or take a picture of the snake if you can.
ask for help
It is not recommended to screw up. (Additional information Use clean water to wash the bite site.)
Take him to the hospital as quickly as possible. Move the bitten part less. (Additional information A splint may be used to reduce movement) to reduce the absorption of snake venom.
If a cobra spits venom in the eye Rinse eyes with plenty of clean water.

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