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This is another interesting idea slotxo for News Bottle, which originated from Mainichi. Japan's newspaper giant wants to adapt to the era of technology that is prevalent in many forms. And of course, when the print media and news on the Internet. Publishing can't be as fast as the events. Because if you wait for news from the newspaper, you have to wait day by day. As a result, sales continued to decline. all over the world

However, Mainichi Publishing in Japan has teamed up with advertising agency Dentsu to come up with a campaign to print news on water bottles instead of printing labels. With all the news people can read immediately. They also use smartphones that support AR functionality to read news in a more realistic format. The publisher said that the reason why it has to be printed on water bottles is because in Japan, mineral water is the best-selling product in Japan. The statistical comparison is 3,000/bottle/month/shop So came up with this strategy to increase sales and reach more people. Including channels to sell advertising on the side of the bottle increase the income

In addition, Mainichi sees that when there is news on the water bottle, it is certain that everyone can access it. But it can also be social as well. Because water bottles are everywhere, so some events, conversation partners have nothing to talk about, they can bring various topics. on the water bottle to create conversations as well as generating ideas, perhaps I don't know what to write, just reading may inspire. In short, the initial trial run of 30,000 bottles sold out in no time.

When it was successful, the two companies decided to agree to do one such campaign again, bringing income to the society. Such as donations to organizations for the cost of caring for Mount Fuji or HIV patients in Cambodia.

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