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Dressing is one of the ways to slotxo express yourself and the wearer's taste. Each of them has their favorite clothes that help boost their self-confidence. Caring for clothes to stay with us for a long time In addition to saving the cost of buying new clothes. It also avoids supporting the “fast fashion” industry, which focuses on the fast, cheap, and short-lived production process of fashion products. which has a huge impact on the environment From the production process that requires various natural resources such as water, petroleum and charcoal, greenhouse gas emissions and creating fashion waste caused by mass production, etc.

Based on the slogan “Life's Good,” LG is committed to continual innovation to enhance the quality of life for consumers, bringing together expert tips for prolonging the life of their favorite garments. According to the concept of saving the world in the "slow fashion" (slow fashion) concept that mainly focuses on reducing environmental impact. which consumers can easily follow To take care of the good clothes to last. Reduce the amount of purchase of new clothes It also shows environmental responsibility at the same time.

1. Shop for good quality clothes. neat cutting The first step in caring for your clothes to last longer is to Buying clothes with good quality fabrics and meticulous tailoring. which doesn't always have to be expensive The key trick is to pull the fabric to see the seams. If you find seams that are misaligned or separated Show that the clothes are prone to damage easily. And should choose clothes that have a standard seam. The hem for the shirt should take up about 2 centimeters, while the skirt and trousers should have about 4 centimeters to prevent fraying easily.

2. Choose the right way to care for each type of clothing. Of course, it's important to keep your favorite clothes clean. But washing too often It makes the fabric wear out quickly as well. Not all garments are designed to be cleaned with conventional washing, such as suit jackets and leather jackets. Therefore, it is important to take care of your garments to suit their specific needs. LG has introduced another option with the LG Styler, an innovative all-in-one garment care innovation featuring TrueSteamTM technology that provides a 4-in-1 programmable garment care experience that requires special care. Sanitary effectively removes allergens and bacteria from clothes or items. The Refresh program removes food odors or musty smells in clothes, helping to keep clothes smelling fresh and ready to use. The Gentle Dry program can tumble lightly damp laundry as well. Gentle and care for the fabric to be soft and fluffy, and the Pants Crease Care program helps to maintain the pleated shape of the pants smooth.

3. Choose a washing program to suit the fabric. for maximum cleaning efficiency while preserving the fabric for long-term use at the same time LG, which is committed to meeting the needs of consumers. Therefore, LG developed an innovative washing machine with AI DDTM washing system that, in addition to cleaning clothes deeply and gently. It also brings the advancement of technology to help analyze data on usage behavior through Big Data. to offer the most suitable washing pattern for each weight and fabric.

4. Do not put a lot of laundry until the drum is tight. This is because it is the main culprit that causes residual detergent stains and lint-free clothes. because when wearing too many clothes Washing clothes will spin and rub together causing friction. and can damage the fabric. Another way to prevent fabric damage that should not be overlooked is Reversing the seams, remove the inside of the shirt before washing. And put delicate clothes in a mesh laundry bag to prevent scratching. Along with putting the laundry in the drum according to the recommended capacity of the machine.

5. Learn how to repair clothes yourself. Change the way you deal with damaged clothes. Instead of donating or discarding every time the shirt button is lost or the hem of the pants is worn out. Learning the skills for simple fabric repairs, such as sewing buttons, embroidering, or patching, can be very helpful in keeping your favorite garments as durable and reusable as when they were purchased. And it's also an environmentally friendly way.

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