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Topic-icon Sad! Flooded Mexico hospital. There have been 17 deaths, most of them being COVI

Deadly flooding has left 17 people slotxo dead at a hospital in the central Mexican state of Hidalgo. Almost all of them were COVID-19 patients. after the heavy rain causing the water in the Tula River to overflow its banks flooded into the city Officials said Tuesday.

Besides the deceased Emergency services have also evacuated more than 40 other patients at the government hospital in Tula. And a statement by the Mexican government indicated that the preliminary assessment Approximately 2,000 buildings were damaged by the floods.

Omar Fayad, Governor of Hidalgo State Interview with local media Of the 17 deaths, 15 or 16 were COVID-19 patients. While the media reported that the death occurred due to Floods caused by continuous rain for several days Make a power outage at the hospital

Photos that Fayat published on social media. Seeing a nurse struggling to push the bed out of the hospital in an effort to get the patient to a safe area and some nurses invested in wading knee-level water

The video also appears on social media. saw some patients Some were intubated. are being moved onto a speedboat.

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador wrote on Twitter. urge villagers in high-risk areas evacuate to safety whether going up and dodge on high or to stay with friends or relatives temporarily “There's been a lot of rain in the Mexican Valley. And it will continue to fall,” he said.

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