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Topic-icon China bans online tutors, teaching appointments at cafes

China bans online tutoring xo slot including in unauthorized places After the previous law No “profitable” educational services firms are allowed.

On September 9, 2021, CNBC news agency reported that China bans online tutoring including teaching appointments at unauthorized locations such as residences, hotels and cafes. Chinese authorities have issued a policy banning schools such as tutoring schools. can be profitable

Previously, on July 24 Chinese authorities slammed online education services companies. By banning "profitable" companies to reduce the burden of parents on expenses For studying in a tutor school which requires a lot of money including to help stimulate the fertility rate of the Chinese population Make the couples want to have more children together.

China's education minister said that in some areas there were "fake" tutoring services. as other services such as cleaning services Or is it a meeting between a group of people who know each other? which after this The tutor's school must be registered. and is available on-site including hiring licensed teachers only.

by the past several months Chinese authorities have enacted various laws to regulate a wide range of industries. as accused Chinese tech giants such as Alibaba and Tencent say they are monopolizing the market. This was followed by the removal of China's major ride-hailing app "Diti Chuxing" and the latest to force youth under 18 to play games for no more than three hours per week.

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