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It is undeniable that SLOTXO the eating behavior It was discussed widely. and more people use the service Can be considered as another formula. to watch And the result is clearer than the general betting formula, guaranteed by a large number of real users. Because no matter how you play, the bonus can be broken even if there is a small capital. Importantly, getting into the bonus round is much easier than before. Today, get the recipe to try it for free before anyone else with a new version update every day! of the new generation There is an inevitable chance of causing heart weakness. That's because eating too much sweet or salty taste. There is a chance to seriously affect the health of the body. Especially Thai food that has every flavor. can lead to the risk of overconsumption therefore may result in various diseases especially weak heart disease Let's take a look at how too much sweet, oily, and salty foods are. How does it affect the body?

Eating too much sweet is not good.

the reason girls Do not eat too sweet. That's because sugar is a source of energy that has no other nutrients. So when you eat too much The body will receive only energy. There are also many types of sugar. And provide energy that is different, that is, sugar provides energy to the body about 4 kcal per gram. Although the human body has a process to prevent high blood sugar. But if you eat a lot It would result in high blood sugar levels. Until the body releases insulin from the pancreas to bring blood sugar into the cells and turn it into energy. Of course, everyone's body responds differently to insulin. which people who are obese The body becomes resistant to insulin. therefore unable to bring sugar into cells resulting in high blood sugar and are more prone to heart disease

Eat too much, disease will find

Of course, fat is an essential nutrient for the body. It is an important energy of the body that 1 gram of fat provides energy for the body up to 9 kcal, which is more than carbohydrates and proteins. But at the same time, if the body gets too much fat, it will make the body fat. and can lead to chronic disease Especially trans fats formed during the production of artificial fats. Which is found in various foods such as shortening, margarine, bakery, donuts, cookies, creamer, etc., when the body gets too much fat from these foods. It will accumulate in the walls of blood vessels. resulting in blood clots It also increases bad fats and reduces good fats. Thus, there is a higher chance of coronary heart disease.

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