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Topic-icon Sperm can survive in space for up to 200 years.

In 2013, a team of developmental biologists fromYamanashi Universityin Japan has sent three boxes containing 48 freeze-dried rat sperm to theInternational Space Station. To study how prolonged exposure to radiation in space damages genetic material or DNA in germ cells. Or pass the mutation to the offspring? Because this could be a problem for humans on future space exploration and settlement missions.
In 2014, part of the rat sperm was sent back to Earth for in vitro IVF. Which can give birth to healthy biceps, after 2 years the sperm is returned to Earth again. Most recently, six years later, sperm from space mice led to the birth of hundreds of rats.rat spermAfter being exposed to high levels of cosmic rays for nearly 6 years, 168 healthy and unusual biceps were born without genetic defects. But there is little difference between rats fertilized by sperm in space and sperm on Earth. Researchers calculated that freeze-dried sperm could be stored for up to 200 years on future orbital outposts. Humans may have to redistribute their genetic resources to outer space in the event of a disaster on Earth. When it's time to migrate to other planets, the diversity of genetic resources must be maintained. Not just for humans This includes pets and other animals as well. However, it is still necessary to examine the effects of space radiation on frozen female eggs and fertilized embryos before humans advance into the space age.

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