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Topic-icon Stop the spread of covid-19 The vaccine alone is not enough.

Many countries around the world continue to vaccinate as many people as possible. In hopes to prevent the spread of the deadly virus, COVID-19, but the vaccine alone It may not be enough to stop the epidemic of this deadly disease. What worries scientists Covid-19 outbreak mutant delta that caused the number of infections to skyrocket Even in countries where large populations have been vaccinated If the outbreak continues to spread widely There may also be mutations in the evolved virus that can better fight vaccines. Other measures include wearing masks, washing hands and social distancing. Therefore, it is necessary to do it in parallel. cannot rely on vaccines alone
In May, the US government eased the ban on wearing masks. For people who have received the full dose of vaccination After the number of new infections continued to decline and can vaccinate a large number of people And it looks like the United States is going through an epidemic. After having died more than 600,000 bodies,
but into July. United States Returned to another wave of the Covid-19 outbreak, with a high number of new infections. Number of patients hospitalized And the number of deaths in almost every state is increasing rapidly. After the delta mutant became the main epidemic, it accounted for 80 percent of all epidemics. from last May That found less than 1 percent, despite having vaccinated Americans total of more than 343 million doses
. The more people infected The more likely it is that vaccination resistance can occur. Therefore, the more widespread the epidemic of delta It's even more worrying.
In addition, previous research has revealed that who have been vaccinated and infected with COVID-19 The amount of virus in the body is not different from those who have not been vaccinated. This means that the person who has been vaccinated with full doses. can continue to spread the infection no different.
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