Interview with Siddharth, who scored 720 on GMAT


Siddharth Singh, our student, scored 720 on GMAT recently. We present interesting excerpts from our conversation with Siddharth, in which he shares some of his experiences and some learning which will help all GMAT aspirants.

Siddharth specifically discusses how important it is to not take one’s strengths for granted. The key to getting a good score is to capitalize your strengths, and build up on your weaknesses.

How was your overall experience during GMAT journey, and during the exam?

Having gone through the rigor of preparing for MBA entrances, I could immediately build a sense of familiarity with GMAT. However, I the differences between CAT/XAT and GMAT quickly became apparent and I subsequently started to put in more dedicated efforts. Some key points about GMAT that came out to me:

1. Time Management: Sticking to the timelines for each section, which while comfortable for answering the questions, needed to be managed

2. Attempts: GMAT, being an adaptive exam, requires one to answer all the questions. For me this meant:

a. Not getting to choose which questions to answer

b. Ensuring I don’t over or under spend time on one question

c. The need to get off to a good start in each section

So my preparation for GMAT focused entirely on addressing these areas. I ended up solving the material given by EducationAisle and attempting the mock tests.

The exam day was quite interesting. I had to reschedule my exam due to me taking up a new assignment and thus changing cities. After a 25 km drive to the test center early morning, I started my exam in the morning. I had already shortlisted my 5 colleges and that saved time. I used both of my optional breaks and I think that really allowed me to refocus on things. Finally after completing the exam I asked for my unofficial report and that was it.

There is a video available on GMAT website educating you what to expect on exam day, I strongly suggest anyone appearing for the exam goes through it.

How did EducationAisle help you during this journey?

I was scoring somewhere in the early-mid 600’s. I realized that while this was a good base to build my preparation, I needed a specialist to help me with the preparation. The key qualities I wanted to bring into my GMAT preparation included: building and sticking to a disciplined schedule, ensuring I cover all the topics in sufficient depth, getting adequate practice and building a peer group I could discuss GMAT with.

I am happy to say that I got all of these by enrolling with EducationAisle. The team takes the time to interact with each student and address their queries. I was encouraged to repeat any and all classes. The material is sufficient in all aspects- I did not use anything else besides what was provided during the 3 months of my study. The practice tests were of a great help as well.

In hindsight, is there anything you would have done differently?

I think the biggest lesson for me (and for others reading this) is not to take my strengths for granted. While my score in QA went up, the VA score (which I consider my stronger section) stayed the same. In future, if I attempt GMAT again, and in life in general, I need to ensure this does not repeat.

Anything else you would want to say to fellow aspirants?

To fellow aspirants, I want to say that considering further education seems like a great idea and all the best for your GMAT/GRE. Without being a marketer, I suggest you do consider a demo class when starting your preparation, especially the introduction to GMAT class.




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