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In GMAT, the sentence correction portion is perceived as among the most challenging by test takers. This is especially true for Indian aspirants who are relatively better at tackling GMAT Quant, but fumble badly when it comes to English. Currently, there are no books in sentence correction available in the market that adequately address the specific needs of the Indian students. Few books that are currently available, either go into too much detail, or are very superficial.

Let us admit it. None of us has fond memories of the last time we learnt English Grammar (back in High school?). But the fact also is that unless students have a basic idea about English Grammar, they cannot perform well in sentence correction. Hence, Sentence Correction Nirvana starts with an introduction to English grammar. At every stage of the book, we have repeatedly asked this question to ourselves: What is the grammar that an aspirant needs to absolutely know, to do well in sentence correction. The intent is not that as a test taker, you emerge an authority in English literature. The intent is that you know as much as is absolutely needed to do phenomenally well in sentence correction. This is really the eligibility criterion for any content to qualify for this book.

With grammar basics in place, the book then covers each of the topics that GMAT specifically tests on: Subject-Verb, Pronouns, Modifiers, Parallelism, Tense, Ellipsis and writing style. In each of these topics, extensive examples have been provided from the most authentic and current “official” sources of GMAT (including GMAT Official guides, GMAT Verbal Supplement and GMATPrep).


  • Introduction to basic concepts of English Grammar, going into only as much detail as is required in GMAT
  • Extensive illustrations and a pictorial approach to make concepts clear
  • Decision trees and process diagrams to objectively analyze sentence correction questions
  • Extensive real life (official) examples that directly link the concepts with the way these concepts are tested in GMAT
  • Exhaustive exercises at the end of each chapter, to help test takers reinforce the concepts covered in the chapter



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