When one’s passion becomes one’s profession, it shows; It really does show, in everything we do; whether it is intensity with which we deliver in the classes, or whether it is in our single-minded determination to contribute to the success of our students.

While we might have (and we do have) great GMAT scores to boast, and while we might have (and we do have) premier b-school degrees to flaunt, all this is just hygiene, if we cannot deliver in the classes.

We are proud of neither our personal GMAT scores nor our b-school degrees. What we are proud of however, are our students’ scores and their b-school degrees. Thankfully, our students continue to give us lot of reasons to be proud of.

For the record, EducationAisle continues to be spearheaded by the following, all of whom are ISB Alums, who scored in the 99th percentile in GMAT during their MBA journey.


While preparing for GMAT for MBA admissions, Krishnan realized the futility of existing GMAT coaching centers, which added no value to the GMAT preparation. During his MBA journey, Krishnan saw a clear gap between the demand from students for quality GMAT coaching and the current supply of GMAT coaching in the market. EducationAisle fills this gap between demand and supply, by providing high quality GMAT training that is most relevant and highly focused.


With professional experience spanning India’s top companies across multiple industries (Steel manufacturing, Education and IT services), Ashish discovered that Education industry and mentorship, is where his heart lay. After ISB, Ashish chose to continue to be associated with Education industry. With a track record of helping numerous acquaintances and friends successfully with their GMAT preparation and b-school Application process over the years, he decided to opt for GMAT coaching as a full time career. With diverse work experiences, Ashish has, what one would truly term ‘perspective’, and enjoys sharing it with the class.


Content preparation is Aditya’s forte. He has this uncanny ability to exactly get into the shoes of the students and prepare material that is strong on concepts but easy on the mind. During his GMAT preparation, Aditya realized that as opposed to most other exams, GMAT posed a unique “problem of plenty”. A simple search on GMAT content on the net throws up information that is so extensive but so inconsistent, that it becomes impossible for the unsuspecting GMAT aspirant, to separate the genuine from the gibberish. Aditya distinctly recollects those frenzied days of GMAT preparation, when he used to frequent umpteen internet forums, just to figure out the correct answer and the right explanation to the Sentence correction and Critical reasoning questions.

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