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Our GMAT Classroom Coaching is conducted at our Koramangala center in Bangalore, by our competent instructors. These physical classes are conducted by instructors who have been teaching GMAT for many years, and have progressively acquired phenomenal command over their respective subjects. No wonder that over the years, EducationAisle has emerged as destination of choice for numerous students looking for GMAT coaching.

What you can expect from us:

Interactive classes: Our GMAT classes are not a monologue; they are a dialogue, with extensive two-way communication between the faculty and the students. At every stage, the instructors encourage students to ask their doubts and clarify them. In fact, interaction is the modus operandi of our classes and is the hallmark of our GMAT live online classes.

Informative sessions: Each concept in our GMAT classes, is covered from scratch. Thereafter, we go into depth, to cover the varied nuances of that concept and finally apply our learning, by solving actual official GMAT questions related to that concept. It is always the endeavor of the instructors, to make students understand not only why an option is correct, but also why other options are incorrect.

Intensive assignments: To reinforce the concepts, every class is followed by assignments related to the topic covered in the class. The assignments are comprehensive, exhaustive, and representative of actual GMAT questions. All assignments are ordered in increasing order of difficulty. This means that the assignment for any topic starts with questions of lesser difficulty and then slowly graduates to questions of more difficulty. This gives students the opportunity to embark upon a smooth learning curve. What’s more, every question in the assignments, has a detailed explanation provided. However, if you are still not clear with the explanation or have a counter question, you get in touch with the instructor, for clarification. Note that there is no limit to the number of interactions you can have, with the instructors.

All these attributes make our GMAT classes the best GMAT online learning experience. Oh, and did we mention that we also provide the video recordings of all our GMAT classes! So, not only do you learn interactively in the classes, this learning always stays with you, since you can watch the videos of the classes anywhere, anytime!

What we expect from you

Our GMAT classes ensure that an entire well-functioning ecosystem has been set in place, for you to avail of it. In return, what we expect from you, discipline and determination. Nah, there are not just empty words; success requires each of these in equal measure. Attend the classes, watch the videos multiple times even after the class so as to completely internalize the concepts, challenge yourself on the assignments, be meticulous about the concepts, and get in touch with the instructors to clear your doubts.

What better way, than to try us out for free!

If our claims seem too tall to be realistic or too good to be true, verify them, by joining us for a free GMAT live online class. This will give you an opportunity to get a first-hand experience of how our GMAT live online classes are like.

In fact, you will be attending a GMAT live online class with one of our existing batches, so you get a real feel of how the GMAT classes are going to be like, once you join them. You are also assured that the instructors you meet in your trial class, are the same instructors who take you through your entire GMAT journey, once you join us. What’s more, you have access to these same instructors even outside the classes for any doubt clarification with your concepts and assignments. Oh and did we mention that there is no limit to the number of interactions you can have with the instructors, outside the classes! Summarily, we believe we have rightfully earned the bragging rights to claim that we are among the best GMAT online coaching options available to students.

The entire experience of our GMAT online course, is designed to be seamless and consistent, and is easily among the best GMAT online options available to you. Our testimonials bear witness to the fact that our platform for GMAT classes works, delivering consistent results over the years.

Our instructors comprise people who have more than a decade of experience in GMAT coaching, are people who have authored GMAT books, have scored in the 99th percentile on GMAT, and are acknowledged as Experts on world’s top GMAT forums such as GMATClub. In fact, we are conferred the coveted Expert tag for our contribution on the world’s leading GMAT forum GMATClub, an acknowledgement of our expertise and experience in GMAT.

We know GMAT. Period.

GMATCLub: We continually benchmark ourselves against the best GMAT classes in the world, by actively contributing to world’s foremost GMAT forum GMATClub. With more than 1,000 posts, almost a 1,000 kudos, and an expert tag, we are among the most prolific contributors to GMATClub.

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EducationAisle have been conferred the coveted Expert tag on GMATClub

Our critically acclaimed book GMAT Sentence Correction Nirvana, sells on Amazon.in and Flipkart

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